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The Chinese E-Commerce Market is undeniably one of the most lucrative and fastest growing web industries in the world. This makes it a fascinating proposition for savy international brands that understand how to intelligently approach this phenomenal e-retailing market. To understand the future of e-commerce we must look east, not west.

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Learning a new Language

Dealing with another culture enables people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture. Creativity is increased with the study of foreign languages. Graduates often cite foreign language courses as some of the most valuable courses in college because of the communication skills developed in the process.

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Being culturally sensitive is key in our globalizing world. It is not enough to say “people from X country are like this.” It is important to look for underlying values that may explain a certain behavior in order to practice cultural sensitivity.Being aware of cultural values and norms is not only fascinating, but can help us understand international issues and conflicts, or even relate to the cultural norms of a foreign business partner.

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Personal Development

Personal development begins with self-awareness. You get to know who you really are; your values, beliefs and the purpose you wish to pursue. True fulfilment can never come from chasing other people’s dreams. If you want to achieve lasting happiness, you need to design your life based on who you are.

I am here to tell you that there is another way. It’s not for everyone. It’s not the only way. It’s not the easier way. Actually, it is more likely to be the harder way. But I guarantee you it is the best way. It is simply this – follow your dreams.

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Entrepreneur, Visionary, Speaker and International Student
Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.

Born in Johannesburg and now resides in China, Beijing, I am considered as one of the youngest Entrepreneurs and great thinkers from South Africa (CNBC AFRICA).

Founder of, an e-commerce company that was nominated by Black Business Quarterly Awards for the NEW INNOVATIVE BUSINESS AWARD 2015 and also Founder of, a website that is all about Hlubi people History.

I have worked with over 7 start-ups in South Africa and even managed to secure funding for for from angel investors. I would say I am a self motivated person who has BIG dreams and really determined on achieving them. Basically I am more of a nerd haha, I have an interest in E-commerce and the development of South Africa and Africa as a whole. Read more about me and my journey on the blog page and get to know me better.

  • One of my newest skills that I am really proud of is being able to read and write Chinese Characters.

  • Being able to read and write Chinese is not enough, but I can also speak speak Chinese, not perfect but 'ABOVE AVERAGE'.

  • This is a skill that I have been trying hard to master. I have little experience in programming and currently majoring in it.

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I love meeting new people and sharing some ideas that will change the world

siyabulela 赛博 Releni

Entrepreneur and international Student at Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China.
Siyabulela is studying towards his Information Systems Degree in Central University of finance and Economics in China. He studied Chinese Language at North-east Normal University.

My Favorite quotes

These are few of my favorite quotes from people that I look up to, they really get me going. When we find someone to look up to and admire, we are challenged, encouraged, and enlightened. We find a defense against harmful or trivial distractions. We are emboldened in our worthy pursuits. And we are better equipped to accomplish them.


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I created this website not only to tell you more about myself, but to share my experienced in Asia and also to keep you informed with the latest opportunities that can help you. I am a strong believer on Motivation, so I will be using this section of the site to motivate you.

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